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Airless Packaging

For a lasting and hygienic use of the product

We use skincare products every day. But the wrong way to use them can cause them to suffer. Let's take a brief look at some of the ways in which you can damage your skincare products. Here are some of the most common mistakes you may have made.

3 mistakes you must not make

Direct touching of the contents

When you buy skincare products in jars, especially creams, they often come with a spatula, which looks like a small spoon. But do you actually use your fingers to touch the contents of the jar because it's too annoying to use? Direct contact with your fingers is one of the factors that can lead to product deterioration.

Failure to tighten the lid

Products deteriorate when they come into contact with air and become oxidised. After each use, close the lid tightly and wipe off the contents of the container.

Putting the contents back in to the container

Do you ever take out too much of the product and then put it back in to the container? Once exposed to the air, the ingredients can easily oxidise and this can lead to the growth of bacteria in the remaining contents.

To avoid making these mistakes..........

That's why Reborn uses airless packaging

At Reborn, we only choose the best quality ingredients, but we also use airless packaging to ensure that our products are kept clean until the end of their life. The advantage of the airless packaging is that only the necessary amount of the product is taken out of the container, preventing it from being exposed to the air and oxidising during daily use by opening and closing the lid.

It also allows the cream to be dispensed in the desired amount, rather than having to use a spatula and touch the contents with your fingers. It reduces the use of preservatives due to its high resistance to oxidation.

All the skincare products should be stored away from heat, humidity and direct sunlight.