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About us

The "Reborn" Story

Reborn Skin Care is a skincare brand born from two women, Rie and Akemi, in Sydney, Australia. The brand name Reborn is inspired by the image of "reborn skin".

Rie has worked as a nurse in Japan. After being qualified as a RN in Australia, she has been working in a hospital in Sydney. Akemi has worked in the education and tourism industries in Japan and Australia for over 25 years. 

Their skin condition changed due to the environmental differences in Japan and Australia. Rie especially suffered from skin irritation and problems when she used skincare products that did not suit her skin type. In the midst of all this, they have participated in a workshop at a cosmetics manufacturer, which led them to create their skincare products. They have also taken the advanced courses such as chemistry studies, and Rie has 1st grade in cosmetic ingredient licence. This is the beginning from their journey of the skincare business in Australia.  

Since 2014, they have been conducting a series of trial and error experiments. As a result, their skin has improved immensely and everyone has been complimenting them on their beautiful skin. During the development period, a number of people including nurses and pharmacist tried the products and received many positive comments, which gave them great confidence in their products. This encouraged them to decide to launch their own brand.

Their signature anti-ageing range is made with the highest quality ingredients and all preservatives are carefully selected. They recommend all mature people to maintain the skin care routine to keep healthy skin.

"I would love to keep my skin younger looking and healthy for longer."

It's what every woman wishes for. Reborn hopes that its products will help to make every woman's desires come true.

Rie & Akemi